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Generation Z: Secrets To Success

Take the journey with George Zimmer from selling men’s wear from the trunk of his car to becoming the founder of Men’s Wearhouse. George completely reinvented the tuxedo rental experience with Generation Tux.

  • The best way to evolve in business
  • Positive side of overcoming obstacles
  • Branding tips

Totally Tutera: Celebrity Wedding Planner Tells All

David Tutera is hailed as an artistic visionary whose ability, uniquely creative talents, and outstanding reputation have made him a tremendous success. David has created a name for himself by taking his passion for designing spectacular events and transforming them into a lifestyle.

  • Follow David's extraordinary story
  • Designing spectacular events
  • How he created a name for himself

Game Of Phones: Mobile Metrics That Track Results

You spend countless hours posting on social media, writing blogs, and creating online ads. What time is wasted and what time is well spent? Quantifiable metrics guide you in the right direction.

  • Analyze the emails that you you more opens
  • Geo-specific tracking tools
  • What is driving traffic to your website

Four Seasons Of Style: Trending Wedding Themes

Cue up the bridesmaids and get out the bubbly! Next year’s wedding season is upon us. Watch out for scrumptious and chic looks that will take over the trend-o-sphere.

  • Boho, forest, and fairy tale themes
  • Wedding trends to lose and love
  • Mirror signage, handmade centerpieces, and tropical florals

Outranked: Spend Smarter With Pay Per Click Ads

Do you know the exact number of phone calls, leads, and sales you’re getting from your Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns each month?

  • How to accurately measure conversions and ROI from AdWords, and Facebook Ads
  • The best conversion measurement set up methods
  • A secret conversion measurement tool

Let's Make A Deal: Closing The Sale Faster

Are you tired of doing an award winning presentation without getting the deposit? Do you waste time with follow ups that could be avoided?

  • Create solid sales strategy
  • Be seen as an advisor rather than a hard-closing sales person
  • Add-ons that will seal the deal...without impacting your bottom line

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