Holiday Gift Guide for Officiants


















1. Education Vacation – Give yourself and your favorite Officiant the tax-deductible Las Vegas Education Vacation you missed this year. ($159) Purchase Here

2. Personalized Portfolio. To keep your notes organized ($60)

3. Officiant Necklace. It’s 16 K and in morse code ($32)

4. Cross Classic Pens. For an ink that writes like butter. ($40)

5. Simple decor. A sign of faith. ($30)

6. Officiant Bag. A ceremony catch-all. ($16) ($16)

7. Officiant Mug. This cup speaks the truth. ($15)

8. Tie Clip. Officiant Tie Clip. ($10)

9. Officiant T-Shirt. Officiant humor. ($24)

10. For all the time on your feet. Acupressure massage sandals. ($60)







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