by Shannon Underwood

How do you stand out from the crowd of wedding DJs who seem so much alike? Change up the way you talk about yourself.

Instead of: “Put your special event into the hands of a professional disc jockey, guaranteed to make every moment into a memory. No event is too large or too small for XYZ Entertainment.”

Try: “Think about the last time you were at a wedding reception. What do you remember the most? Was it the food, the flowers, or maybe the decorations? Most likely, good or bad, you will remember the DJ the most! Either you danced until your feet hurt, or the event was lackluster and you left early.”

Or: “During wedding planning, brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Yet, within one week after their reception, 78% say they would have made the entertainment their highest priority”.

From Titus Touch Music Website

Instead of: “DJ Old School has a wide variety of music everything from 80’s to Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Oldies and more. His mixing skills and fair prices make him one step above of the competition.”

Try: “Desert House Production’s sound-spinning duo is one of Arizona’s most sought-after DJ teams. Known for mixing a variety of upscale beats and sounds, the pair comes armed with an arsenal of modern musical styles and an artistic lighting display. Harnessing the power of music, Desert House injects an energetic and modern twist to your venue or event.”

From Desert House Productions’ Website

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  1. It’s true: Your DJ can make or Break the evening. You are the couple’s “Thank you” to their guests for coming all this way to celebrate your wedding. If the Guests are having a great time, the Newlyweds will be happy. THAT is why they hired you.
    You should:
    1) NEVER Drink alcohol while “working” – shows lack of respect.
    2) ALWAYS Smile. You will be in a LOT of photos from the guests or the photographer. Usually in the background, but you WILL be there. Make it always look like you’re having a good time. It’s infectious.
    3) Always keep an eye on everyone in the room. You might be able to see an opportunity
    that could “use a theme”. For ex: Couple in the corner learning to Country 2-step.
    Grab a 2-Step and give ‘em a chance to try it on the dancefloor.
    4) At ALL times, be looking for the “Memory Makers”…moments that everyone will celebrate with the couple. I tell clients that “your guests want to celebrate with you, LIKE you.” If you sit down and start a conversation with family and friends and never hit the dance floor, your guests will celebrate with you, Like You. So they sit and talk. However, in the 1st hour, I have them come on the dance floor and DANCE at least 3 times. Your guests will follow you right onto the floor because they came to celebrate With you LIKE you. If alcohol is part of the evening, it will take over in the first hour and the newlyweds no longer need to coax the guests onto the floor. Now it’s up to the DJ 100%.

    Whenever I can, I try to find the romantic elements of the evening and spotlight them. Yes it’s a party, but it’s being thrown because of Romance. Don’t let them forget that.

    Always keep an eye out for the high point of the evening. When guests are jumping so high they can go any farther up & they are having the time of their lives. Many by this time might be getting a bit tired, so don’t just dump out of the great vibe….this is when you choose the perfect song that is designed to spotlight the Newlyweds, so guests are reminded:
    1) Whose wedding they are celebrating.
    2) This gives them time to catch their breath and maybe get a fresh drink.
    3) Then come out of their “spotlighted” moment with a universally GREAT song that will pack the floor. This shows the Newlyweds that they chose the right DJ. You are in complete control and you can pack the floor when it is the right time. You are capitalizing on their guests “need” to celebrate.
    4) ALWAYS anticipate the next thing. Anticipate what will happen after the toasts, and jump into it with smooth forward motion. NEVER stand there with dead air, wondering what is next. YOU are in command, so YOU should already know what is next. Get ready for it so you don’t look confused or amateurish.

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