BS* Wedding Planner

Wedding MBA planners are among the most respected in the industry.  But, every planner has heard about an inexperienced competitor that asks all the wrong questions to their brides.  Here are just a few of the gems we have heard.

  1. Would you like your ceremony to be legally binding?
  2. When will you be starting your pre-wedding diet?
  3. Are you sure your budget is only that much?
  4. I know you don’t know anyone with daughters to be your flower girl…but you can hire my 5 year old daughter, or we can contact a modeling agency.  Is this something you are interested in?
  5. Will your ex-husband give a toast at the reception?
  6. Are you sure you just don’t want to just elope?
  7. I have a cost saving idea.  Would you like to borrow the flowers from the wedding I am coordinating the night before? They won’t be too wilted and it would cut your cost in half.
  8. Have you thought about putting a muzzle on your dog as he walks down the aisle?

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* Bridal stupidity in rare form

4 Responses

  1. Radhika Khan says:

    Oh wow, I can’t believe people actually ask these questions!!! How do you best recommend addressing this when a potential client comes to you looking for a second opinion?

  2. Shannon says:

    Radhika, Ha! None of our Wedding MBA planners would say these things so I know it is shocking. To the client, I would say, “I’m sorry that you encountered an unprofessional wedding planner. I assure you I would never ask a question like that.”

  3. Gineen says:

    While some of these questions seem ridiculous I believe it’s all in the delivery and phrasing. In this world of multiple bridal personalities, brides are unique and oft you find yourself in a friendlier planner relationship with select clients over others.

    You may have a bride that’s focused on her diet and then asking question #2 wouldn’t be offensive! I spent time with one of my favorite Fall 2017 brides last week where we compared our diets and talked about challenging each other. Also, with the modern world of blended families, perhaps question #5 would be a valid question!

    I think a planner well versed in communication and one who is tactful can rephrase all the above questions and remain a couple’s favorite planner!!

  4. #3 As a planner I am very surprised when a potential client submits a questionnaire with guest count, vendors & expectations and they want a $50,000 wedding for $5,000! “Have you ever heard of google?” is not a polite or appropriate response but it does pop into my head on occasion. I wouldn’t phrase the question as “Are you sure your budget is only that much?” but I definitely think if a clients budget is not going to meet their expectations it needs to be addressed at the very beginning before ANY contracts are signed.

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