Feast Or Famine

Catering Buzz Words That Every Salesperson Needs To Be Using

Brides and grooms that consider themselves foodies know the lingo better than some of your salespeople.
Learn this vocab to book more sales.

  1. Stop saying heave appetizers, try tapas, bite sized meals, or tasting menus.
  2. Stop saying fresh, try farm to table.
  3. Stop saying international fare, try global fare.
  4. Stop saying food stations, try interactive culinary kiosks.
  5. Stop saying late night snacks, try dance, eat, and repeat.
  6. Stop saying hometown favorites, try regional bites.
  7. Stop saying Mexican food, try modern Mexican.
  8. Stop saying plated dinner, try sit-down event.
  9. Stop saying comfort foods, try fun foods or childhood friends.
  10. Stop saying coffee bar, try signature coffee cocktails.

Other buzz-worthy words and phrases:

  • Umami
  • Cage free
  • Sustainable
  • Biodynamic wines
  • Gastro pub


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