Is Your Venue Modern or Dated?

Barn Venue

Image courtesy of Tabitha McCausland, Owner, Tabitha McCausland Photography

What your online photos say about your venue.

The Wedding MBA organized a focus group of engaged wedding couples. Each couple viewed 85 venue websites which they then viewed for no more than 45 seconds. The nearlyweds then voted if the website photos were modern or dated.

Couples were two times more likely to inquire for more information from venues they deemed modern.*

The list below was compiled to reflect what real couples decided.

Photos to remove from your website

  • Tulle draping your ceiling
  • Chairs that have a sash
  • Red ceremony runners
  • Rose petals anywhere
  • Sparkler exit
  • Wedding couples kissing behind a frame
  • Staircase photos (unless the venue is an actual castle)
  • Rock waterfalls at the venue
  • Close up photos of the bride’s shoes
  • Neon colored bridesmaid dresses
  • Groom dipping the bride

Photos to include on your website

  • Dancing in the clouds fog dance floor
  • Farm or industrial tables
  • Contemporary chairs
  • All white barn venues
  • The inside of a tent wedding
  • High end reception lighting
  • Print bridesmaids dresses
  • Getting ready shots where the bride is wearing a floral print robe

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