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Counter-Intuitive Sales Tips For Wedding Pros
By Shannon Underwood

The new generation of brides and grooms are often turned off by traditional sales techniques. These counter-intuitive sales tips give a fresh approach to close the sale.

Getting To No
Salespeople are told to get customers to start saying “yes” right away. Sometimes getting a “no” is better. Why? Today’s nearlyweds don’t want to feel tricked or forced to say yes. It can make them feel defensive, clam up, and kill the sale.

Ask a no-oriented question like, “Which packages can we rule out?” or “Is this a service you don’t have much of a budget for?” If you give your decision-maker the power to rule something out, they feel like they are in control.

Mirror Mirror
The Mirror Approach takes listening to the next level. Don’t jump right into your canned sales speech. Choose a few of their words and repeat them back. “So you want to find a way to include your two pug puppies into the ceremony?”

Can’t Buy Me Love
There is usually something more important to a wedding couple than just price.

If a wedding couple is only interested in price, they wouldn’t be sitting down with you. They would have bought online from your lowest-price competitor. Or just eloped.

To discover what is most important, your customer needs to know that you are listening to them and acknowledging their wedding vision. Perhaps they want a champagne toast included, a custom music mix, or their engagement photo displayed. Include things that don’t cost you much, have a high emotional value for them, and help you close the sale.

Mob Rule
Blame the Mother of the Bride (MOB). The engaged couple’s version of Good Cop / Bad Cop is to blame everything on the person not at the appointment.

The person at the appointment who wants to appear powerless often has the most power. They know they have the power, however they don’t want to get cornered.
The person who avoids using the pronouns “I” or “me” is often the person who has the end decision-making power, but prefers to project their concerns onto another person. “My mother-in-law is crazy. She won’t like that.” Or: “My dad is paying for that; I have to ask him.” Why do they do it? It buys them time and allows them to avoid a commitment.

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