Counterfeit Cash

Prepping for my presentation has been a fun and wild ride.  Thank you for inspiring me to present this year. Click the link below for an overview of the Counterfeit Cash presentation. XOXOX, Shannon Underwood Get my slide show here.

Comment Contest Winners

Suzanne Blanchard For her comment from Fewer Marriages But More Venues. Suzanne, you win a 6-month ZipWhip texting from your landline service. Kendel Stocker For her comment from Wedding Photographer Vs. I-Phone. Kendel, you win a 6-month ZipWhip texting from your landline service. Amy Wallace For her comment from Millenials Read More

Fewer Marriages But More Venues

Fewer Marriages But More Venues

Why It’s Hard To Book Receptions Marriage rates are at an all-time low.  Wedding venues are at an all-time high.  Why are there more venues? 1. Private homes, barns, restaurants, zoos, and museums have opened their doors to weddings.  This is a new concept. 2.  This generation of wedding couples Read More

BS* Wedding Planner

Wedding MBA planners are among the most respected in the industry.  But, every planner has heard about an inexperienced competitor that asks all the wrong questions to their brides.  Here are just a few of the gems we have heard. Would you like your ceremony to be legally binding? When Read More

Wedding Photographer vs iPhone

Remember when the photographer’s images were the first to be seen by the bride and groom? Our badge of pride was the 2 week turn around, while our competitors were taking upwards of a month. However, towards the end of 2007, a new player entered the scene…a camera for everyone at all times. Read More

What To Do In Las Vegas- Shows and Museums

What To Do In Las Vegas- Shows and Museums

Las Vegas has so much to do. Let us help you find the best Vegas attractions for your downtime. Absinthe: Next to Caesars Palace If you offend easily skip this show. Absinthe is naughty and nothing is off limits. Think America’s Got Talent mixed with offensive but hilarious stand up comedy. Highlights: * You are close Read More