Sound Off: Do Brides & Grooms Read Your Contract?

Jesse J. Clark  “No-they never read their contract and the people that do read your contract try to change all your terms.???

Joe Hodgson Photo, Joe Hodgson -, “This is the generation of brides that signs contracts electronically without ever reading them e.g. iTunes Terms.???

Pixel Dust Photography, Eric Butler-, “As a photographer, I did have a client recently who wanted to revise their contract and make it clear that people at their wedding could take pictures with their cell phones as they thought my contract forbade it.???

Randal Stout Entertainment, Randal Stout , “ Nobody reads contracts. My contract is not complicated and the only thing that is ever a concern is if they cancel their wedding they still have to pay.  For those that have more complicated contracts such as photographers, videographers or wedding venues, the brides and grooms not reading the contracts must cause some real problems.  That wedding professional would have to say all too often, “it states that in the contract.???

Chicago Wedding DJs, Peter Merkle, “ We want to make the sale. Going through the contract terms is not sexy and can be a downer at the end of your fabulous sales presentation. But there CAN be some enticing terms that reinforce the decision if you take the time to go over the contract in your sales presentation.???

Parkway Florist, “Giving you a NON REFUNDABLE RETAINER hires you.  Your contract should specify the terms and conditions.  A deposit means that they can get the money that they can get the money back.  Use the word retainer not deposit.”

Harpist, Meg Rodgers, “ Brides and grooms sign contracts they don’t really read.  I have taken to contacting them closer to the wedding date if the weather looks questionable and reminding them that I have a clause requiring  a shelter if it is threatening rain and a heater if it is below 60 degrees and they always seem surprised.  Since I send my contracts electronically maybe I will change the color of some sections in my contract to draw attention to the clauses.???

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  1. I have couples sign a “Letter of Agreement” at our first one of two meetings I have with them when they make a deposit to guarantee their date:


    My Fees: To reserve the date and time of your wedding, and to include any & all pre-wedding meetings, a deposit of ____________ which will be applied towards the agreed-upon offering or fee is required. If you cancel, your deposit will be refunded if done at least two weeks prior to the wedding date .

    -Weddings within 50 miles of my home are $_________. depending on the financial circumstances of the couple.

    -Weddings more than 50 miles from my home have an optional surcharge of .50 cents per mile round-trip (again, if the couple can afford this).

    – Weddings more than 50 miles requiring a rehearsal the day before should include mileage and one or two night’s lodging, depending on the time for check-out &. the start of the Wedding.

    The date, time and place of your Wedding is:
    -date: ____________
    -time: ____________
    -place: ______________________________
    The agreed-upon fee for your Wedding is $ ____________ ($______. of which
    is due at the time of this signing).

    We accept this in contract with ____________________ in return for his service in officiating at our Wedding Ceremony, on the date, time, and place specified above.
    Signed and dated:



    Fee is due in total on the day of the Wedding.

  2. Tim Clark says:

    I find as a wedding planner that the brides, or grooms when they are the main contacts, do read the contracts. Since we send the contract every time they change their wedding proposal, they usually see it many times, so they do read it at least once. Since our website states “By filling out this form you agree to our Contract”, they know it’s like signing up for itunes, they have to agree to book it, so it doesn’t really matter to them what it says. I don’t think they read it when they sign up, but they do eventually read it later.

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