The Florist That Ruined The Wedding

By Shannon Underwood, Conference Director, Wedding MBA

the florist that ruined the wedding v1

Last April, I was the maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding.
I recommended that Kara use a local florist that had an impeccable reputation. She trusted me.

The wedding day arrived, the bride looked amazing. The room was set.
All fifteen tables were draped and covered with extravagant centerpieces.
The photographer requested that I grab the bouquets for the photos.
I asked the onsite coordinator where the bouquets were. She said she didn’t know.
She looked in the bridal suite refrigerator; they weren’t there.

I called the florist and got voicemail…ten times in a row.
The other bridesmaids began to gather flowers from the centerpieces and tie them together with stray ribbon to create only the bride’s bouquet.
It looked hideous. I felt sick. I trusted the florist and my friend trusted me.

At 10:00 that evening after the vows were exchanged, the toasts given, the dances danced, and the food eaten, I received this text message.
Florist: “ I am so sorry, I had my phone off. I left all 8 bouquets and boutineers in the restaurant’s refrigerator at 9:00 am this morning.”

Lessons learned:
•Require that a delivery form is signed by the client or her designated representative assigned before the wedding day. Include specific care instructions.
(For flowers, the refrigerator is good BUT the freezer is NOT better. Flowers should be kept at temperatures between 34-36 degrees.

•Always keep your phone on during days you have weddings.

Tell us how your persevered when things didn’t go as planned.

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  1. JENNIFER says:

    This happened at one of my first weddings. No one could find the flowers. I left them in the catering/restaurant refrigerator. I did however, answer my phone so I didn’t ruin the wedding. Now I know to let the bride know exactly where the flowers will be if she is not there when we deliver!

  2. This article is heartbreaking because it happens too much. How can we communicate the importance of delivery to floral pros?

  3. Ruth says:

    This makes me sick at my stomach!
    I always meet my brides the day of the wedding. Even if we have multiple weddings I am the one handing the bouquet to her, making sure she loves it (and her girls bouquets) showing them how to hold them and hopefully getting “the bridal hug”.
    I couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t know that she loved it! My reputation depends on it!

  4. marc Douvris says:

    My personal flowers/bouquets are ALWAYS personally DELIVERED directly to the bride Always. I’ve set up (literally ) hundreds of weddings.

  5. I do not leave the flowers at all without giving then directly to the bride because I want to see her face light up when she sees them and I capture a photo at the same time on the spot! Works great for us!

  6. The florists that come to the Wedding MBA would never do this but I wonder what common delivery mistakes have happened when you first started out…

  7. RC says:

    Is this ruined the wedding, that was not a good wedding to start with.. OMG.. I was waiting to hear a real “wedding ruined” story.. Like, a parent died. Or someone got hurt.. Not having flowers are NOT the end of the world.. This is why the divorce rate is near 50% 😉

  8. I always hand deliver the bouquets and boutonnieres to the bride or her planner. I provide a 7 inch cylinder vase for all my bouquets as well.

  9. Monica says:

    I love to hand off the bouquets to the Bride by delivering them to the Bridal Suite. It brings me joy to see the bride and bridesmaids’ faces when they see the bouquets for the first time. When this is not possible, we deliver to the wedding planner/coordinator. I also have it listed in the Service Agreement/Contract who they would like to have the flowers delivered to or where they should be left, and who will be present at the reception venue to view the room once we have completed set-up.

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