Toxic Wedding Couples – 15 Red Flags That Should Send You Running

Does your Sixth Sense ever tingle during the first meeting?

Did you ever get a feeling that you booked a wedding couple like them before, and they made you miserable? 

Difficult clients are everywhere. It’s hard to stay in business without dealing with a few every year. But some cross the line from difficult to toxic.  Savvy wedding pros can see them coming.

Toxic customers are out of touch with reality and pull you into their alternate universe.  They fight over minor details. They are so needy that they steal your time from all your other wedding couples. Some are simply hostile bullies.

Your long-term reputation is more important than the profit you could make from any one wedding.  

If you don’t walk away from a disastrous client before the wedding, you’ll walk away without any profit after the wedding.

How do you identify toxic customers you can never make happy? 

Look for these signs of a future train wreck:

  1. They only give bad reviews on Yelp.
  2. They insist on paying you after the wedding.
  3. They demand major modifications to your standard contract.
  4. They snipe about all the things you’re doing wrong in your business.
  5. The only reason they are talking to you is their first choice was booked. And they were cheaper.
  6. They compare your prices to a lower-quality competitor and ask you to justify your pricing packages.
  7. They call or text you way outside of business hours.
  8. They trivialize your work.
  9. They won’t tell you what they want.
  10. You present ideas. They reject everything.
  11. They purchase your lowest priced package but expect the highest package offerings.
  12. They can’t make a decision.
  13. They can’t agree among themselves on what they are looking for.
  14. They insist that their wedding is simple and will be very easy for you.
  15. They say “We had to fire three wedding vendors already.”


Trust your gut… always. There will be more clients.

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