Wedding Photographer vs iPhone

Remember when the photographer’s images were the first to be seen by the bride and groom?
Our badge of pride was the 2 week turn around, while our competitors were taking upwards of a month.
However, towards the end of 2007, a new player entered the scene…a camera for everyone at all times.
Because of this, we now compete against the maid of honor, wedding guests, and even the bride herself.  
We agonize over the perfect shot only to have our moment interrupted by the maid of honor.  Her weapon?  The iPhone.  
Due to the proliferation of  the iPhone/camera phones, how do you maintain professionalism while showing the amateurs who’s boss?

Potential Solutions:

  • Insert a clause into your contract outlining your rules in regards to images
  • Edit and post your top 10 photos within 24 hours of the wedding
  • Ask the wedding couple what their wishes are in regards to non-pro photo leaks

Wedding photographers, what do you do prior to shooting an event to ensure you aren’t interrupted by sneaky photo snipers?
Tell us below.  

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