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Wedding Pro Convention

September 14 - 17, 2015
Las Vegas Convention Center

Early Bird Special Deadline
Friday, June 5

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Double Your Wedding Profits with these Must-See Seminars:

Monday, September 14, 2015
2:00 NEW - 4 Bonus Seminars in YOUR Wedding Specialty - CLICK HERE
6:00 HAPPY HOUR - hosted by The Knot
Tuesday, September 15, 2015
8:00 The Wedding Games - What It Takes To Win The Bride
9:00 Survivor - Trends And Tech - The Bridal Tribe Has Spoken
10:00 Deal Or No Deal - 5 Critical Wedding Sales Techniques
11:00 Wheel Of Fortune - Solve The Social Media Puzzle
2:00 The Weakest Link - How To Boost Your Google Rankings
2:00 Smashing Wordpress - Hidden Gems On Wedding Trend Blogs
2:00 Productivity Hacks - Short-Cuts To Your 4-Hour Workday
2:00 Beyond Craigslist - The Why, Who, And How Of Hiring The Right Team
3:00 The Price Is Right - What You Need To Know About Your Price List
3:00 Confessions Of A Planning Junkie - My Type A, OCD, Over-Achiever System
3:00 Star Search - How To Build Your Reputation Through YouTube
3:00 Turn Up The Volume - Creative Spin To Blast Past Your Competition
4:00 Millionare Matchmaker - Tablescapes That Impress
4:00 Last Days Of Facebook - What's Next In Tech
4:00 Crack The Code of Lies - How Detecting Lies Will Put More Money In Your Pocket
5:00 Who Wants To Be A Mobile-Aire - Mobile Means Money
Wednesday, September 16, 2015
8:00 Marriage Monopoly - Breaking Into Wedding Industry Cliques
8:00 Wedding Apocalypse - Weddings Of Mass Destruction
8:00 Mob Mentality - Sell To The Entourage
8:00 Choosing Your Plus One - How Google+ Gives You An Edge
8:30 Make Your Living Online - The Insider's Guide To Your Etsy Shop
8:30 Social Engagement - Make The Most Of Your Wedding Associations
8:30 Winners And Whiners - Becoming The Best Employee
9:00 Draft Day - Making The Cut As A Preferred Vendor
9:00 Ooh La La - European Trend Forecast
9:00 The People's Court - 5 Ways To Avoid Litigation
9:00 Profit First - Transform Your Business Into A Money-Making Machine
9:00 Bride-Polar - Dealing With Difficult Clients
10:00 Style Me Pretty - Inside The Minds Of The Top Bloggers
10:00 Breaking The Glass Slipper - What Every Woman Needs To Know
10:00 Minute To Win It - Strategies To Create A First Impression
10:00 Celebretize Your Brides - Put the Spotlight Where It Belongs
10:00 Plastic Money - Protect Yourself From Charge-backs
11:00 Password - Unlock The Secrets Of Social Media
11:00 Stress is Optional - Kick Your Tension Habit
11:00 Wedding Wars - The Battle For The Brides
11:00 W.O.M. Batty - Crazy Growth With Word Of Mouth
11:00 To Pin Or Not To Pin - Is That The Question
2:00 Bridal Buy-Ology - The Science Behind What Works And What Doesn't
2:00 Forever Young - Beat Your New Competition
2:00 Search Like A Bride - SEO Confessions Of Real Wedding Couples
2:00 Dream Boards - Awaken Unexpected Themes For Your Weddings
3:00 The Emperor's New Close - A Fresh Approach To Closing The Sale
4:00 Flavor Of Love - How To Push All The Right Buttons
6:00 HAPPY HOUR - hosted by WeddingWire
Thursday, September 17, 2015
8:00 Wedding Pro Buyers Guide - 8 Things You Have To Buy For 2016
8:30 East Meets West - BollyWed Comes To America
8:30 Toddlers And Tiaras - Creating Kid-Friendly Weddings
9:00 Designing For The Stars - Hollywood's Wedding Stylist
9:00 Business Unscripted - Improv For Wedding Pros
9:00 The Business Of Same-Sex Weddings - What You Need To Know
9:00 The Fault In Your Stars - How To Boost Your Yelp Rating
10:00 Jeopardy - What Is A Successful Wedding Pro
11:00 The Amazing Race - Finish Big And Go Home
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