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Wedding MBA 2015 FAQ

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Wedding MBA Wedding Industry Elite, We are excited that you will be attending the Wedding MBA convention!  We are located upstairs in the South Building of the Las Vegas Convention Center. What to pack: Bring comfortable shoes, you will be walking between seminars. There are two temperature settings at the Read More

The Name Game – Is It Time to Change Your Company Name?

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by Shannon Underwood At this time of year, I connect with about 20 small wedding businesses a day, many bearing cryptic or challenging company names. 1.  A Play on Your First/Last Name Recently Will was on the phone with the owner of Immaculate Concepcion Entertainment, when I heard Will say, Read More

Payments Due Before I Do

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Why You Should Get Paid In Full Before The Wedding By Shannon Underwood 1. No more ulcers.  It takes the pressure off to know that you won’t have to chase them after the wedding. Any amount of time spent on collections is better spent on earning new business. 2. The Read More

Is Being In The Wedding Industry Bad for Your Family?

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By Shannon Underwood Working from home. Being physically present in a home office setting but not available to your children can create roadblocks.  Kids trying to distract you when you are sending out an email or calling a bride.  To your children it seems like you are always home but Read More

The Bride Whisperer

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Thoughts on speaking softly…. by Shannon Underwood I lost my voice today and found a new way to get what I want. I inadvertently discovered that whispering can be used as an effective negotiating technique. This was only after I whispered my wild and crazy kids into bed, whispered my Read More

Why Working in the Wedding Industry is like being in High School

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By Shannon Underwood The wedding industry is like living on a high school campus, complete with cliques, mean girls, nerds and rumors. The ‘in’ crowd is always at the same weddings that you attend. For better or for worse, you are stuck with them. Prom Kings and Queens The popular Read More