5 Mistakes Wedding Pros Make Daily

No wedding professional is perfect every single day. But how many of these five daily mistakes do you make on a regular basis? Even one can damage your business, but they’re far too common.

  1. Not answering the phone.  Every bit of advertising you do is to get the bride to call you and when she does you DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE. She’s not going to call back, she’s going to call your competition.

  2. Emailing prices without meeting face to face with the bride first. You know the service you offer, but she doesn’t. Just giving her a price list is going to make her think that’s all you care about.
  3. Spending too many hours on social media. Social media can be a great marketing tool, but if you’re online all day, you’re giving brides the impression that social media is more important than working on weddings.
  4. Not having a structured referral bonus program in place with other wedding professionals. Every lead sent your way should be followed up with a handwritten thank you and a token of your appreciation. Something simple like a Starbucks card or box of chocolates can keep your colleagues referring to you.
  5. Forgetting about marketing opportunities that will put you face to face with the bride. Open houses, bridal shows, and other events are great for meeting brides, but also consider scheduling meetings or even putting on educational seminars for brides.

Every mistake you make as a wedding professional will cost you money, and can even damage your reputation. Solving these and other mistakes will help your business grow. Attending the Wedding MBA can help you find even more ways to build your wedding business, so register now!


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