6 Things You Never Say to a Bride

By Patti Hegarty and Shannon Underwood

When you sit down for your first appointment, avoid these six questions:

1.  “Is this your first marriage?” 
Don’t poison your sales chances by stirring negative memories.

2.  “What’s your budget?” 
You may want to qualify her and not waste your time pitching something she can’t afford.  But it makes the bride uncomfortable and defensive.  The best wedding salespeople understand that the bride doesn’t know what her budget is until you get her excited about your service.  Every bride is a high-end bride for at least one wedding category, and it might be yours.

3.  “How many carats is your ring?” 
If it’s small, she’s ashamed to say.  If it’s large, she thinks you’re calculating how much you can jack up your prices.  Don’t go there.

4.  “Is that your idea, or did you find it online?” 
If she brings it up, it’s her original idea.  And she wants you to be as excited about it as she is.

5.  “Are you sure you want to do THAT at your wedding?” 
Don’t rain on her parade!  You know that her idea for the reception is a disaster.  But during the first appointment, be as agreeable as possible.  Once you have the wedding and she trusts you , you can help her avoid the train wreck.

6.  “Am I the first place you’ve stopped?” 
Don’t appear insecure and afraid of your competition.  Show your confidence that no one else can do what you will do for her.  And that means you have no true competition.

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