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What do brides and grooms want for their 2018 wedding menus?
Pack your bags and board our time travel machine.
Ready, set, go!

The 1920’s: Frozen foods are made available. Clarence Birdseye develops a method for quick freezing food in a convenient packaging. My husband’s favorite candy Jujube’s are put on shelves. The name may sound fake, the tree it derives from is very real.
Wedding Trends: Champagne towers and seafood bars on carved ice.

The 1930’s: 25% of all wage-earning workers are unemployed. The Great Depression is the defining event of the decade. Souffles, sloppy joe’s, and Jello-o are all the rage.
Wedding Trends: Tacos and deviled eggs make their debut. Krispy Kreme discovers a secret yeast-raised dough recipe. Bring on the donut towers!

The 1940’s: World War II is underway, and rationing is in full effect. Born from this are fan favorites of Spam and Nutella along with other shelf stable items.
Wedding Trends: Candy, desserts, and corn dogs are all the rage.

The 1950’s: Fast changes start now. Families have more money, move to the suburbs, and crime is low. Casseroles, frozen pizza, and Peeps are defined by one element…processed food.
Wedding Trends: Try a gourmet Ramen Noodle Bar station or fancy TV tray plated meals. Check out this article where a chef takes junk food and makes it look gourmet.

The 1960’s: The first man lands on the moon. JFK and Martin Luther King are assassinated. The Vietnam War and civil rights protest rage on.
Wedding Trends: Stuffed celery and fondue. Mmm, Pop Tarts.  Go here to check out a delicious homeade Pop Tart recipe.

The 1970’s: The fight for equality rages on. Richard Nixon resigns from office after the Watergate scandal. Bill Gates creates Microsoft.  Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak found Apple Computers. Video arcades are all the craze.
Wedding Trends: Put your waitstaff on roller-skates. Potato skins, guacamole, and popcorn are far-out. Look for more ideas here.

The 1980’s: Cabbage Patch dolls incite hysteria for the must have toy. Lady Diana marries Prince Charles. The blockbuster movies for this decade are: Return of the Jedi, E.T., and Pretty in Pink. MTV launches in 1981 and music videos abound.
Wedding Trends: Seven layer dips, wine coolers, sushi, and frozen yogurt. Yes, yes, and yes for 80’s food.

The 1990’s: The video game industry takes off and Teddy Ruxpin reads to your child(super creepy). The internet becomes available for commercial users. Our favorite search engine, Google is founded.
Wedding Trends: Juice bars (JambaJuice), salads with cranberries/pecas/goat cheese. Pizza bagels, hot pockets, and molten chocolate cake.

The 2000’s: The 9/11 terrorist attack, financial housing bubble, dot-com bubble burst. DVD replaces VHS as the dominant video format. The influx of celebrity food shows.
Wedding Trends: Farmer’s market produce, soup/salads, whole grains, less meat, cake pops, mini-cupcakes, farm to table, organic options, and food trucks.

Whew, that’s it. Time travelling really takes it out of me… I think it’s time for dinner.

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