Are You JUST Another Wedding Industry Zombie?

Keep positive energy in your presentation!
by Shannon Underwood and Palmyre Zele

  1. Ask better questions.  It’s simple.  More important than pricing, more important than almost ANYTHING:  They need to know that you care!  Zombies stick to a standard pitch.  One size does not fit all engaged couples.  To win their business, you must hear and absorb how they envision their wedding  and then let them know you GET it.  Otherwise, how can you turn their fairy tale wedding dream into reality?
    If you don’t know what questions to ask, here are a few ideas:
    *  What style do you envision for your wedding day?
    *  Have you set up a Pinterest board yet?  Can I take a peek?
    *  What is the best wedding you have ever attended – and why?
  2. Pay attention.  (No, REALLY pay attention) and connect with the bride and groom on a personal level.  When you’re on the phone, notice unspoken details.  Are they inside or outside?  Did you notice dogs barking in the background and ask their names?  Or did you miss that opportunity to build rapport?  Is the bride whispering?  Maybe she is at work.  See if there is a better time to talk.  These elements are all crucial when creating a relationship.  The bride and groom are more likely to hire someone who treats them with concern, rather than the zombie who has no time to relate.
  3. Time yourself.  If you discuss price with the bride before the 7 minute mark, you are just going through the motions.  Zombie presentations don’t work.  Price should be discussed 10 or more minutes into the meeting.  Why?  Zombies state price ranges before they know the engaged couple.  Brides and grooms want you to get their vision.  They will pay more for an idyllic wedding – if they believe you can interpret it accurately. So it’s critical that you spend the time really absorbing their dream before pricing becomes part of the conversation.
  4. Trash old leads.  Give your wedding couples one last chance.  If a lead is more than 30 days old leave them a message like this,  “Hi Jessica and Tom…just wanted to check in with you one last time and see if you were still looking for a wedding venue.  If you are, call me back by Monday because our fall dates are filling up fast.  This is Lily with The Wedding Grove and I would love to work with you but this will be my last call to you.”  Remember to leave your name toward the end so they don’t hit delete before listening to your entire message.
  5.  Be a fast talker with a big smile.  There is nothing worse than talking to someone who appears to be bored with their own business.  If you sound like you are in a bit of a hurry, the bride tends to want more of your time.  Reverse psychology in action.  Also they can “hear” your attitude.  If you speak with a flat tone, you’ll come across as bored or disinterested…the zombie on the end of the phone.  Instead, let your enthusiasm shine through – and it can be contagious.  If you cheeks don’t hurt at the end of the phone call you have not presented a positive enough attitude, and you probably didn’t win the sale.

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