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Wedding MBA 2015 Highlights Video

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John Goolsby from Godfather films gives us an excellent overview of our 4 day educational event in Las Vegas. Check it out to see what the Wedding MBA is and how it can help you build your wedding business.

Wedding MBA 2015 FAQ

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Wedding MBA Wedding Industry Elite, We are excited that you will be attending the Wedding MBA convention!  We are located upstairs in the South Building of the Las Vegas Convention Center. What to pack: Bring comfortable shoes, you will be walking between seminars. There are two temperature settings at the Read More

Making the Cut – How To Get Onto Preferred Vendor Lists

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By Shannon Underwood 1.  Stop Begging To Be Added To Wedding Venue’s Preferred Lists The easiest way to be banned from working at a wedding venue is to look self-centered.  89% of wedding venue owners and 71% of wedding planners surveyed* mentioned that wedding professionals that consistently asked to be Read More

Bride Obsession – Stop Taking Everything Personally

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By Shannon Underwood, Wedding MBA I love my job.  Weddings are on my mind when I first wake up in the morning; and I am always jotting down a new idea right before I go to sleep at night. But too much obsessing can cause unnecessary stress and waste your Read More

Sound Off: Do Brides & Grooms Read Your Contract?

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Jesse J. Clark  “No-they never read their contract and the people that do read your contract try to change all your terms.??? Joe Hodgson Photo, Joe Hodgson -, “This is the generation of brides that signs contracts electronically without ever reading them e.g. iTunes Terms.??? Pixel Dust Photography, Eric Butler-, Read More

How the Wedding Micro-Search is Changing Everything.

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What Do Gold Sparkle Linens, Salted Caramel Cupcakes, and Floral Print Bridesmaid Dresses Have in Common? Shannon Underwood   When picking key words for your website find terms that customers actually Google. Consider surveying your brides after you meet with them and ask what key terms they put in to find Read More