Dear Wedding Planner…

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Your are loved by your clients because you are a detail oriented multi-tasking wedding planner.  You have a plan for everything. You are the person who calls the police when you spot a drunk driver, volunteer to bring flowers for teacher appreciation week, and answer your phone when your friend needs an honest opinion about her new business idea.

The nature of your job is to be everything to everyone.  However, I am telling you to stop.  Stop over planning your personal life!  It is driving your husband crazy, and making your kids lazy, and turning you into an insomniac.

Leave it alone… 

Stop giving free advise.  You don’t have to respond to the Facebook post from a friend of your friend that wants to know the best cake baker in town.

Stop planning parties you are NOT paid for.  You don’t have to tell the birthday party host that a 6 year old’s swim party should not last 3 hours. Refrain yourself from asking the host if she wants you to gather up the kids to sing Happy Birthday.

Stop volunteering to be homeroom mom.  The other mom’s are taking advantage of your ninja-level planning skills.  Aren’t you tired of  spending your own money when other parents ‘forgot’ to contribute to the classroom fund?  Instead, volunteer to be a mystery reader or art masterpiece mom…a task that gets you proportionate kudos for the amount of time you put in.

Take action and…

Assist during true emergencies.  Don’t assume someone else will do perform the Heimlich or call an ambulance during an emergency.  Do it yourself, as others will assume someone else is handling the situation.  Learn more about the bystander effect here.

Keep your secrets secret.  The bride doesn’t needs to know that the cake collapsed prior to her wedding.

Keep crying at weddings.  The day you stop feeling an emotional charge on the wedding day is the day you need to get out.  It’s ok to get close to your wedding families and root to them on the sidelines.

Every once in awhile, it’s okay to take a step back and let someone else take over.
Life is sweet…now eat a chocolate caramel bar.


Shannon Underwood

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