Guilt Free Entrepreneurship For Wedding Pros

By Shannon Underwood

1.     It’s Okay To Lose A Sale
You can’t force someone to buy from you.  Once you have called a new lead three times, sent two emails and two text messages without a response it is time to move on.  Let the wedding couple know that the ball is now in their court.

Send them a text and email that says this:

“Hi Kayla, I was so excited to talk with you but I believe you have picked another florist/photographer/caterer for the job.  This is the last time I will contact you.  If you are still interested, call me at 480-222-4444 Thank you.

2.     Schedule Goof-Off Time

Every day write down the one vital thing you want to get done.  Whether it’s designing a new piece of literature or researching a new supplier write it down and get it done.   It’s not effective to stare at a computer all day if you are perusing the Amazon website in between phone calls.  Reward yourself by taking a trip to Starbucks.

3.     You’re Fired-Eliminate Your Non-Performers

You get wrapped up in the emotional throws of your employees and suppliers lives.  You’ve gotten in too deep.  You know that her daughter is struggling with algebra and her mother is sick.  You love her as a person even though she is no longer performing well as an employee.  What do you do?  If you are not getting the results you need; you must take care of your family and your business first, cut ties and move on.

4.     Bride’s Complain… Even About The Things That Are Almost Perfect

Evolution has instilled in us to pay close attention to problems because it increases our survival rate.  Wedding couples are looking for your slip-ups because that is how they are wired.  It is human to look for problems are breeze over the positive.

Write down the positive feedback you get immediately because you are much more likely to forget it.  Negative criticism cannot be erased and the positive comments are hard to recall.


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