How To Elevate Your Wedding IQ

By Shannon Underwood

The words you use brand your business just as much as your website, business cards and bridal show booth. In an industry where some business owners have advanced degrees and others barely graduated high school a memorable way to set yourself apart is to increase your vocabulary.

Over Used Phrases that should be added to your business blacklist:

• A-Game • At my earliest convenience

• Touch base • Guesstimate

• On the same page • Synergy

• Think outside the box

• Throw under the bus

• Win-win

Words we love and how to use them:

Aesthetic: “I know that sometimes it is hard to put a price tag on how much you want to spend on the way your wedding looks; but the aesthetic value of what we can do for you will get your guests owing and awing.???

Congregate: “The guests tend to congregate in the lobby before the reception doors open. To even out traffic flow we should place the hors d’oeuvres to the left.???

Compromise: “You should never have to compromise the comfort of your guests.???

Contingent: “ This bridal show special price is contingent upon you booking with us today.???

Clairvoyant: “I know it sometimes seems like I am clairvoyant but never hesitate to let me know exactly what you want, how you want it.???

Effervescent: “Brenda over at the Floral Frenzy has an effervescent personality, you are going to love working with her.???

Opulent: “We offer an opulent look at an affordable price.???

Transient: “This rainy weather appears to be transient. said it should be sunny for your wedding day.???

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