If I Owned a Floral Business

By Shannon Underwood

1. I would stop advertising funeral arrangements along with wedding flowers. A separate wedding website that takes the emphasis off stand-alone arrangements and focuses on creating the atmosphere and personality of the event through flowers.

2. Invest in high end floral containers and vases that can be rented for an additional fee.

3. Have a book of most pinned centerpieces and bouquets on and put a price tag on each. Educate your brides and grooms on the real costs (season, size, availability) this allows you to build trust and integrity. 

4. Have all floral changes signed and dated;amend the original contract instead of accepting an email for an order change.

The biggest disappointment that brides have is a misunderstanding of what their flowers will actually look like on their wedding day* the venue has been visited, the cake has been tasted and the gown has been tried on; but the flowers remain a mystery.

  •  “It was the wrong shade of pink.???
  • “ The centerpieces looked smaller than I expected.???
  • “ I only had 20 daisies in my bouquet and I expected 35.???
  • “ They arrived wilted.???

*According to the Arizona Bridal Show survey with over 300 participants.

Photo Source: flickr.com/ BunchesDirect

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