If I Owned A Wedding Venue

By Shannon Underwood

Find out why people chose Villa Siena as their wedding Venue

1. I would use testimonial videos like the one above.

2. I would pick a name that brides and grooms would feel proud to print on their wedding invitations.  The words manor, estate, chateau, country club and ranch evoke feelings of romance and whimsy. Ballroom, athletic club and banquet center suggest images of a wedding from the 80s.  Some venues use a different name for special events and weddings vs. corporate or general public advertising.

3. Add locked storage so the wedding couple and their entourage can store money, phones, wedding cards, and other valuables.  This will assure that items do not get lost and staff is not accused of throwing something important away.

4. Stop accepting kickbacks; there are no secrets and subpar vendors make you look bad and cost you more money in the long term.

Video from Villa Siena in Gilbert Arizona http://www.villasiena.cc

Photo by Hagerty Photography


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