Millennials Are Not A Disease

millennials are not a disease crop

Our society has become more politically correct.
As a whole, we try not to discriminate based on color, gender, religion, or body size.
Millennials have become the latest group that is ‘safe’ to pick on.
We call them narcissistic, lazy, distracted, sensitive, short sighted and entitled.
That stereotype is wrong.

At the Wedding MBA we think Millennials are an asset, not a plague.  Here’s why…

Millennials believe they can create something out of nothing.
The internet has lowered the barrier to entry, especially among wedding pros, to the point where if you dream it and create it online it then becomes a reality. Competition brings out the best in everyone.

Some see entitlement… we see confidence.
This generation was taught that failure is a good thing. Their heroes include Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk. All failed at some point in their career; this failure only motivated them to become more successful.

They expect Insta-results.
Rather than taking a month to complete a task, millennials might take a day.  They deliver and expect instant results.

Social media has expanded their friend network.
Those more active on social media feel comfortable posting things like, “I have extra tickets for the U of A basketball game this week…who wants to come with me?” or “ I need a babysitter for Saturday night…any ideas?”  Millennials are better at asking for help and to us this is a great thing.

Millennials are the same as the rest of us.
A national survey of over 2,500 skilled construction workers studied the difference in work ethics between millennials and those born prior to 1981-ish (give or take a few years depending on who is determining what qualifies as a millennial),and they found there was little to no difference hours worked, attention to detail, or any other measurable results.

Millennials care more about the process.
This age group will pay more if they get a behind the scenes look examining the reasons for the additional cost.  They appreciate fair labor, customized features, being part of the process, and giving back to the community.

Millennials are changing the business landscape.  Help plant the seeds of change to reap the benefits they will bring.

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p.s. Yes, I am a Wildcat fan, if you ever happen to have extra tickets, my husband and I would love them.

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