Bridal Barbie Is On The Outs…Make Room For Entrepreneur Barbie

Bridal Barbie Is On The Outs…Make Room For Entrepreneur Barbie

By Shannon Underwood Although Barbie’s sales have dipped over the last several years; I have a new found love for her latest career path.  Even in the wedding industry, I tire of the traditional roles of my favorite childhood friend as bride and mother. She has had careers over the Read More

If I Owned an Invitation Company

If I Owned an Invitation Company

By Shannon Underwood 1.  I would offer DIY classes.  Just as much to sell tools and paper for profit as to show the wedding couples how hard it is to create and assemble their own invites. If they decide that doing it their self is too hard they will order Read More

Making the Cut – How To Get Onto Preferred Vendor Lists

By Shannon Underwood 1.  Stop Begging To Be Added To Wedding Venue’s Preferred Lists The easiest way to be banned from working at a wedding venue is to look self-centered.  89% of wedding venue owners and 71% of wedding planners surveyed* mentioned that wedding professionals that consistently asked to be Read More

How To Elevate Your Wedding IQ

By Shannon Underwood The words you use brand your business just as much as your website, business cards and bridal show booth. In an industry where some business owners have advanced degrees and others barely graduated high school a memorable way to set yourself apart is to increase your vocabulary. Read More

Bride Obsession – Stop Taking Everything Personally

By Shannon Underwood, Wedding MBA I love my job.  Weddings are on my mind when I first wake up in the morning; and I am always jotting down a new idea right before I go to sleep at night. But too much obsessing can cause unnecessary stress and waste your Read More

Sound Off: Do Brides & Grooms Read Your Contract?

Jesse J. Clark  “No-they never read their contract and the people that do read your contract try to change all your terms.??? Joe Hodgson Photo, Joe Hodgson -, “This is the generation of brides that signs contracts electronically without ever reading them e.g. iTunes Terms.??? Pixel Dust Photography, Eric Butler-, Read More

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