Payments Due Before I Do

Why You Should Get Paid In Full Before The Wedding

By Shannon Underwood

1. No more ulcers.  It takes the pressure off to know that you won’t have to chase them after the wedding. Any amount of time spent on collections is better spent on earning new business.

2. The Wedding that isn’t. Over twenty-Percent of engagements are called off.You might not be able to re-book that date.  Contractually this is called detrimental reliance and should be written into your paperwork.

3. Double selling your product. Some couples want to do post-negotiations.  A price is agreed before the wedding.  If you don’t get your money up front, you may find that the couple suddenly finds fault in your services in order to avoid paying you sticker price.

4. They never intended to pay you. It’s sad to say but good and bad people get married. 

5. You can’t compete with the honeymoon.  Many wedding couples spend whatever is left over on their honeymoon; make sure you are the first to get paid.

6. They might get divorced. Divorce stats at an all-time high and some wedding professionals offer services that are picked up after the wedding. Such as photography, videography and gown preservation.

Be smart.  Get paid in full and on time.  

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  1. Mike Reed says:

    Totally agree. In thirty years of hosting and catering weddings and other formal events we have NEVER served the first hors d’oeuvre until we were paid in full in certified funds. The only time we’ve ever gotten stiffed or short paid was disputes about additional guests or overtime, and then only very rarely.

    It’s important to remember we sell goods and services that are almost always totally final and unable to be “repossessed”. We cannot take back food, the liquor, the service, the flowers, the photos, the music or really any aspect of the experience. Plus many things are out of our control. What it there’s a power failure? Even though we’ve fulfilled all aspects of our contract, how likely are a bride and groom to pay the balance when there’s no lights, power for music or air conditioning?

  2. I have to agree with Shannon the writer. I have had couples tell me they will pay after is all finished when I first started but I soon learned I was not happy asking after the wedding for the first reasons listed. It was never a problem at all but was just uncomfortable to have to collect after the fact.

    Being a Thailand Destination wedding vendor it is very hard to chase down a client after the fact if there is a outstanding payments client come from all over the world. .

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