Is Being In The Wedding Industry Bad for Your Family?

By Shannon Underwood

Working from home.

Being physically present in a home office setting but not available to your children can create roadblocks.  Kids trying to distract you when you are sending out an email or calling a bride.  To your children it seems like you are always home but never available.


Tell the babysitter your rules when the kids are at home. Put a cute sign on your door that says ‘Mommy’s Working’ on one side with an ‘Office Closed’ message on the other.  Set real office hours and stick to them whenever possible.

Inconsistent paychecks.

During wedding high season kids can feel like Christmas came early.  During low points kids notice their parents fighting about unpaid bills.


Live on a budget that mimics your lowest paychecks of the year. During high season save like crazy.  Give your kids a consistent allowance that is commission based. (no chores=no pay)

Missing events:

“It is very difficult [to miss so many weekend events ]so I try to make sure to stay involved in their school activities during the week, cook them a nice cooked breakfast on those lovely Saturdays I will be gone for 12 hours.  I was only able to attend one football game this season for my son.???

Eulina Davis from A Remarkable Event


Enlist the help of a family member or friend to stand in for you.  Ask for your helpers to videotape special events and share them with you. Create your ‘own’ weekend in the middle of the week.

Being in the wedding industry allows parents to set up their own hours; some of which are flexible and others that cannot waiver.  Wedding industry moms and dads love that they  can be there when their kids get off the bus, for field trips and play dates.  Instead of focusing on what we miss maybe we should relish in the opportunities that being our own boss can bring.

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