Weddings Gone Wild

As a wedding pro, you hear all sorts of ludicrous requests from your clients.  Below are some that stood out to from the 2016 Wedding MBA.  Weddings gone wild indeed!

  1. “Last month, the bride asked for a full refund because it rained.” – A wedding venue from San Diego, Ca.
  2. “In the middle of the reception, after much drinking, the entire wedding party disappeared. When they came out, the groomsmen were wearing dresses, and the bridesmaids were decked out it tuxes!” – A wedding planner from Philidelphia, Pa.
  3. “The groom went into the restroom wearing a wireless lapel microphone. But instead of hearing him use the restroom, we overheard a drug deal taking place. After the wedding, he asked us to remove the audio. We should have charged extra! – A videographer from Seattle, Wa
  4. “Mother-of-the groom got dressed at the wedding venue.  She noticed the clothing security sensor was still on her dress.  The store was closed, so she had to wear the dress.  How embarassing! – A photographer from Houston, Tx.
  5. “I did a wedding for a lady who married herself! She said if she turned 40 and didn’t have a man, she would have the wedding anyway. The wedding was complete with guests, reception, and cake.” – An officiant from Las Vegas, NV
  6. “The mother of the bride hated cats.  She insisted that I remove any cats at the resort!” – A destination wedding planner and honeymoon expert from Phoenix, Az.

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