Will Barn Wedding Venues Always Be In Style?

Barn venue with elegant floral centerpieces.


One definition of a barn is “a large or unattractive building”.  This doesn’t have to be the case; combine historical architecture with modern updates to create a timeless style.
Decor trends run in cycles.  Each year style gurus release new tile, fabric, light fixtures, and colors to be used in the upcoming year.  For a home to look ‘dated’ the look has to have completed its 7 to 10 year run.  With cathedral ceilings and the yearning for something more casual, barn venues are here to stay.
Consider distancing yourself from burlap and lace by giving your venue a refresh.

How do you keep your wedding venue current?

  • Adopt “modern farmhouse” in lieu of “barn” (Pinterest is great for ideas)
  • Transition from brown and cream to black, white, and grey.
  • Employ Edison bulbs and copper details
  • Replace tablecloths with unadorned metal tables and chairs

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